Aljabr brought down the curtain on “Om Almomineen Aisha

Aljabr brought down the curtain on “Om Almomineen Aisha" program by handing-over the prizes

AlJabr Motors Company, the agents of KIA Motors in the Kingdom officially brought down the curtain on the competition of the (Believers’ Mother, Aisha) program which was launched through the social network sites, that inspired from the idea of the successful TV program which it sponsored its production, and it was exclusively presented during the month of Ramadan of the last year, and broadcasted by (Rotana Khaleej) channel, and rebroadcasted later by more than 25 other TV channels. Winners have received the major awards allocated by the company, which were three KIA cars.
The competition system is based on the idea of weekly raising 7 questions and by the end of each week will select one winner who answered correctly any of the questions to win A (KIA distinctive car).
By returning to the program of (Om Almomineen, Aisha), which was officially announced at a grand ceremony held in the city of Riyadh, in the presence of distinct social, cultural and sports personalities. The Program is prepared and presented by Sheikh Dr. Ibrahim bin Abdullah Duweish, a professor at Qassim University, and Secretary-General of Roya Center for Educational Consultancies. The event dealt with the inimitable personality of (Om Almumineen, Aisha) who had deep influence in the Islamic nation. It dealt with her life from various aspects as a mother, wife, sister, girl, teacher, educator, a scholarly woman, worshiper, and sufferer of fabrications, in addition to the clarification of the landmarks of her wonderful biography, and what she provided to the Islamic history; such as the great services provided during her being in the house of prophecy, in addition to the richness and abundance of the information about Om Almomineen Aisha.
Special studios were made for taking photos at sites simulating the time that she lived in, which takes photos for the Prophet’s rooms and Madinah landmarks in order to transport the viewer to experience the bright period in the history of our Islamic nation.
For his part, Professor Abdul Salam Aljabr, the Vice President of Aljabr Company for Motors congratulated the winners and wished the success to those who were not so lucky in future activities and competitions, and he stressed that "Om Almomineen Aisha" program has achieved success and good echoes continued after the end of the presentation, which prompted us to launch this competition after one year from the end of the program and found that viewers still remember the facts and events of the program which appeared in a great number of posts and the correct answers.
About (Om Almomineen Aisha) program, he said the program provided an educational approach, practical and integrated about the biography of one of (mothers of the believers) characterized with the comprehensiveness, experience and lessons, where it narrated her biography – May Allah bless her – with all her roles since she was a child fills the corners of the house of her father Abu Bakr with happiness until she transferred to the house of prophecy.
He also added: it is a scientific practical product started by inventory of the books and references of Sunna, biographies and translations to collect the scientific material in all aspects related to (Om Almomineen) Aisha from birth to death, to present an educational applied model for the contemporary girl and valid for every time and place, and shows us the right way in this contemporary reality which is full of the intellectual trends which made the woman’s issue a dilemma made the woman herself confused. 


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