Lewis Hamilton wins Brazilian Grand Prix to force season finale – as it happened

Lewis Hamilton wins Brazilian Grand Prix to force season finale – as it happened

Hamilton insisted he could still become world champion for a fourth time after fulfilling a lifetime ambition by winning the Brazilian Grand Prix to cut Nico Rosberg’s lead to 12‭ ‬points going into the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi‭.‬


Rosberg will still win his first Formula One title if he finishes in the top three on 27‭ ‬November after trailing in behind his Mercedes team-mate in extremely wet conditions that featured two stoppages and five safety car deployments‭.‬


Hamilton‭, ‬who moved to second in the list of grand prix winners behind Michael Schumacher‭, ‬believes he still has a strong chance‭ ‬to complete his comeback having at one stage trailed Rosberg by 33‭ ‬points‭.‬



“I’m still hunting‭, ‬hunting‭. ‬I will give it everything I’ve got in Abu Dhabi‭, ‬which has generally been a good track for me‭,‬”‭ ‬he said‭. ‬“Nico has finished every race this season‭, ‬so beating him is going to be difficult‭. ‬But I will take the speed I’ve got to try to win the race‭.‬”


Lewis Hamilton wins chaotic Brazilian GP to take F1‭ ‬title fight to last race

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Referring to the conditions‭, ‬Hamilton added‭: ‬“It was understandable for the first red flag with everyone going off‭. ‬I don’t really understand why the second stop came but rain is the trickiest of conditions‭. ‬If people didn’t make mistakes‭, ‬it would be too easy and everyone could do it‭. ‬We run at serious speeds and there is a lot of water for the tyres to disperse and they struggle the faster we go‭.‬”



Immediately after the race he had given the impression his 52nd victory was a bit of a breeze‭. ‬He told the Sky commentator Martin Brundle from the podium‭: ‬“I was genuinely chilling up front‭. ‬When it rains it is usually good for me‭. ‬There were no mistakes‭, ‬no issues‭, ‬no spins‭. ‬It was‭ ‬interesting hearing about so many people having slips but I didn’t have any‭.‬”


Hamilton added‭: ‬“I feel grateful and incredibly happy‭. ‬This has been my dream since the first time I saw Ayrton Senna race when I was five or six‭. ‬This experience is so surreal and won’t kick in until later after all the years of trying to win this grand prix and all the emotions that go with it‭. ‬It is a hard grand prix to win and this was one of the most difficult of all‭.‬”


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