Rosberg claims big win in Japan, Lewis Hamilton third

Rosberg claims big win in Japan, Lewis Hamilton third

MERCEDES has withdrawn its protest over an incident involving Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull driver Max Verstappen in the closing stages of the Japanese Grand Prix‭.‬


Verstappen made what appeared to be a blocking move on Hamilton on the approach to the final chicane on the race’s penultimate lap‭, ‬forcing the Mercedes driver from the track‭.‬


Hamilton rejoined the track behind Verstappen and the two finished second and third over the line‭.‬


After initially revealing the protest lodged by Mercedes‭, ‬the FIA later released a statement confirming its withdrawal‭.‬



“Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team has notified the Stewards that it is withdrawing the protest lodged at 18:14‭ ‬on Sunday 9th October‭ (‬document 41‭),‬”‭ ‬the statement read‭.‬


Verstappen has been involved in a multiple controversial‭ ‬‘blocking’‭ ‬incidents this season‭, ‬including against Kimi Raikkonen at the Hungarian GP and in the Belgian GP‭.‬


The FIA is believed to be on the front foot in regards to blocking moves under braking‭, ‬with Sunday’s post-race meeting an informal reminder of what is acceptable and what isn’t‭.‬


Despite receiving questions about the incident post-race‭, ‬Hamilton refused to be drawn over whether it cost him a shot at second‭ ‬place‭.‬


“It doesn’t really matter now‭,‬”‭ ‬he said‭. ‬“It’s done and we move forwards‭.‬”


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