Ricciardo wins the 2016 Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix

Ricciardo wins the 2016 Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo has won an incredible Malaysian Grand Prix‭, ‬fighting off teammate Max Verstappen for his fourth Formula 1‭ ‬victory on a disastrous day for Mercedes‭.‬


Ricciardo raced home 2.443‭ ‬seconds ahead of his Red Bull teammate‭, ‬winning a tense mid-race scrap which became the battle for the win with a third of the race to go‭.‬


Lewis Hamilton’s bid for a third consecutive championship is on the rocks‭, ‬retiring with a blown engine after leading the bulk of the race‭.‬

Ricciardo and Verstappen were engaged in a tense battle for what was second on Lap 39‭, ‬the pair racing side by side through several of the fast corners around the back of the Sepang circuit before Ricciardo was able to fend the Dutchman off‭.‬



It was the kind of day where fighting was prevalent up and down the field‭.‬


Rosberg scrambled his way into third‭, ‬slamming his way past Kimi Raikkonen with a bold move at Turn 2‭ ‬that involved a bit of body contact‭. ‬The stewards took a dim view‭, ‬handing him a 10-second time penalty‭, ‬holding onto third by beating Raikkonen to the line by 13‭ ‬seconds net‭, ‬coming down to a three second margin once his penalty was applied‭.‬


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