KIA ALJABR to sponsor sending gifted students of Riyadh City to a global camp in Malaysia

KIA ALJABR to sponsor sending gifted students of Riyadh City to a global camp in Malaysia

Within the framework of the community partnership programs implemented by ALJABR Automotive Company, the dealer of KIA Motors Company in the Kingdom, is sponsoring, for the second year in a row, the program of sending an elite of gifted Saudi students to attend global programs and courses in the State of Malaysia to hone their talents. Whereas, after the success and positive echoes that accompanied (the Project of the global Program for Developing and Improving the Living Conditions of Developing Countries) in collaboration then with the Department of Education in the Eastern Province for the selection of gifted students from their own schools and implementing the program by Massachusetts Institute of American Technology, the experience has been studied and fully evaluated by officials in the Ministry of Education, and it has been recommended that students have to participate in such global forums and programs in the future based on the benefits achieved by the students involved therein.
In this year it has been agreed between the Gifted Education Administration in Riyadh Region and ALJABR Automotive Company to send an elite group of gifted students in the Riyadh Region to attend the "Global Program for Developing and Improving the Living Conditions of Developing Countries", which will take place during the period from 6-14th January, 2016 with the participation of 91 students from the Intermediate and secondary schools in different countries. The program will also be overseen by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) within the project of KIA Eco Dynamic Expedition Campaign, which aims at improving the quality of the residential environment and taking care of the future leaders by Creating Shared Value (CSV), in search for benefiting the participating students from the programs and have opportunity to show out their talents in front of this global gathering.
Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Al-Aqeel, Director of the Gifted Education Administration in Riyadh praised the care given by ALJABR Automotive Company through implementing such fruitful educational programs and the continuity thereon, reflecting the correct and sound vision that based on which the company carries out its social responsibility programs to achieve the noble goals that serve the community through the proper channels. He added: "There is no doubt that the education sector shall be on top of the priorities that must be at the heart of the programs of the social responsibility of the private sector companies because it is a real investment the returns of which benefit the society as a whole through preparing cadres with great deal of knowledge that push the wheel of development in our country".
"ALJABR Automotive Company is keen to carry out such meaningful scientific programs as it is strongly believe that such global forums will hone the talents of our creative students and broaden their horizons to learn more about the cultures of other countries around the world and their state-of-the art findings in various fields"; said Mr. Abdulsalam Muhammad Aljabr, Vice President of the Company. He added: "the positive feedbacks that accompanied the implementation of the program in the last year, which was sponsored by the company, have made us more eager to continue this experience and move on to another region in our country to achieve the greatest possible benefit and open more opportunities for our youth to participate in this global camp for gifted people.
He explained that "KIA Eco Dynamics Expedition is meaningful global volunteering program for students to bring ecofriendly awareness by developing their ideas for the better world". He added: "It is clear that youth targeting ecofriendly activity is very important for our future, we would certainly be continuing to expand KIA Eco Dynamics Expedition program".
He pointed out that the care given by ALJABR Motor Company towards such programs comes as a continuation of a long history of the company in the field of charity and social work, in which education had been given a considerable share because it is the real investment that the positive results of which will return and continue benefiting the community, that will be built and raised by the hands and positive energies of its sons.
ALJABR wishes for the students participating in this global camp to achieve the desired benefit thereof and convey to us, upon safely return back home, the new experiences they have gained and hoped for them to be encouraged due to that for more excellence and scientific progress in the future.


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