Aljomaih Automotive honors

Aljomaih Automotive honors "Edafah Rent a Car" at "Client Appreciation day"

Aljomaih Automotive Company (AAC), the largest dealer for General Motors in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, recently held a "Client Appreciation Day" at Marriott Courtyard Hotel in Riyadh. The event included various activities including honoring "Edafah Rent a Car" in appreciation and recognition of their distinctive selection of GMC and Chevrolet cars from Aljomaih Automotive Company.
In his speech on this occasion, Mosaed Aljomaih, Assistant Regional Director for Operations, expressed his thanks and appreciation for the positive role of Edafah Rent a Car company, in developing strategic partnership with AAC.
He added: "We are pleased for Edafah's selection of various Chevrolet and GMC models for its fleet, which comes as part of its quest to offer its customers a different driving experience and an added value of service through offering different models."
He added: "We work constantly to develop our business relationships and push it toward building continuous business partnerships, which is necessary particularly in a rapidly growing market such as the Saudi Arabian market, so it was inevitable for us to honor a partner that has such considerable record and keen desire for growth and development".
Meanwhile, Dr. Mohammed Al Muhanna, Chairman of Edafah Rent a Car, said:" Aljomaih Automotive Company (AAC) is one of our largest and most diverse franchise partners, it has unparalleled and deep expertise in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Honoring Edafah Rent a Car today is a solid proof that we are moving in the right strategic approach, where we work together with passion for providing the best service and quality to our customers. "
Edafah Rent a Car had started its business in Riyadh in 2007 based on plans and strategic partnerships with major global car companies; to meet the growing needs in the local and regional markets for transport solutions. Despite the challenges, Edafah has been able to achieve quality achievements through the conclusion of several agreements, with major global car companies, to further develop and modernize its fleet, so the company became one of the renowned Saudi Arabian mid-sized car rental companies,  with a fleet exceeds three thousand and five hundred cars, and still growing.
Edafah Rent a Car offers its services through 32  branches spread systematically and thoughtfully based on spatial need in key areas in the Kingdom, including the Western, Central, Eastern and Alqassim regions, which allows the company greater flexibility in providing of excellent services to its clients.
To meet the growing demand for rental cars in Saudi Arabia, AAC is very keen to expand its customer's base of car rental companies, in order to be the best provider for their fleets of cars, by offering special deals to them to help them increase their market share, and meets the expectations and satisfaction of their customers.


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