The Saudi Automotive Market is one of the only sectors that is sustaining its growth in the Kingdom; importantly so as it is catering to the largest market of the Gulf and Middle East. In addition, Saudi Arabia has put forth an ambitious strategy for industrial diversification and the automotive sector is part of the National Industrial Clusters Development Program.
Saudi Arabia’s automotive sector has a market value of more than 82.5 billion Saudi Riyals and has established locally a number of companies for manufacturing equipment and original spare parts.
The Automotive market is considered one of the fastest growing markets within Saudi Arabia. Demand varies for different brands in different categories from luxury cars, 4x4 to small and midsized cars. Additionally, the sale of commercial vehicles is expected to rise due to current and potential infrastructure projects.
Currently the sales of new and used cars is between 600,000 to 820,000 vehicles per year and is expected to reach one million during the years 2016 and 2017. The Middle East has become one of the most lucrative areas for the automotive industry, where the sale of vehicles is getting an annual growth rate of 11%. Saudi Arabia holds first place in the region for being the largest importer of cars and spare parts, distributing an average of 76,000 cars per year. Car sales continues to rise in Saudi Arabia at a rate of 6.7 yearly and is expected to exceed one million cars by 2020.
The Saudi car market witnesses a growing demand for small economical cars for the working class; due to the rise in  population especially, with young adults below the age of thirty that make up 60% of the total population in the Kingdom.
The commercial vehicle market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is very active due to the continued high demand of the large growth in the projects as well as increased demands for buses to meet the growing needs of transport services for Hajjis and Umra performers, as well as the movement of laborers for various industrial and development projects and the requirements of the transportation authority such as SAPTCO, to accommodate the huge number of passengers. 
The Saudi government aims to meet this demand not only through imports but also by attracting  original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to open facilities in the country and simultaneously developing  a domestic automotive design and manufacturing capacity.
The show will have on display a range of car brands from  US, Korea, Japan and China and outdoor area of the exhibition center dedicated to commercial vehicles and many entertaining activities for the youth like modified cars and the participation of different car clubs .  The north parking area of the exhibition will have drifting organized by Nissan and off road activity by Kia.
Oil segment is an equally important part of the show with eni lubricants as the diamond sponsor and participation of other brands like Total and Shell.
Financial services to potential buyers is provided by the shows Main sponsor Riyahd Bank and other financial and insurance institutions and companies.
“Saudi International Motor Show is the flagship of ACE and has served the automotive industry and the end users for over three decades providing what is best in the market” Commented Zahoor Siddique, Vice President- Ace Exhibitions
The show timings are daily 4-10 pm 11-15 December, 2016.


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