Holiday Inn® Survey Shows There’s Too Much Work and Not Enough Play on our Holiday

Many of us are spending our holidays working instead of relaxing with our families, a regional survey by Holiday Inn® has found. Only 1 in 10 are able to completely ‘turn off’ from work during a break and many can’t remember a holiday that hasn’t been interrupted by work.



LG Electronics (LG) continues to strategically strengthen its offerings and leadership role in the premium segment across various business divisions including its mobile communication business. The company’s ongoing focus brings to market the most innovative technologies and elegant designs catered to discerning user values and lifestyles in the premium market category.


3M Celebrates 50 Years of Inventing its Proprietary Window Film in Saudi Arabia

3M, a global science-based company that inspires creative collaboration, is celebrating its 50th anniversary of introducing its patented Window Film and chose Saudi Arabia to celebrate this momentous occasion in the Middle East as the kingdom is primed to become the new automotive hub in the region.

+ White Friday 2016 is a record-breaking milestone in the Middle East e-commerce industry, the largest online retail and marketplace platform in the Middle East, announces that White Friday this year doubled last year’s sales with 1.2 million items sold between 23 and 26 November across the GCC and Egypt. also confirmed five times more new buyers everyday on the platform with a sales conversion rate at twice the daily average. Further, 75% of the sales came from the fashion and lifestyle categories, while electronics accounted for 25% of the sales.